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Resources for Student Wellness


NPR reports on a new study published in the journal Sleep, which suggests that getting more hours of sleep can help prevent the common cold.  

Larry Rosen, professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, explains the research his lab has conducted on sleep and the “psychology of technology.” Explaining the negative consequences of technology misuse on our sleep, he offers tips for ditching the bedside phone and getting a better night’s rest.  

This story by NPR takes a look at a recent study that suggests leisurely activities are just as beneficial for our well-being as physical ones. 

This piece in The Atlantic profiles a new study that examines the relationship between friendship and depression.  

This infographic from Entrepreneur magazine reveals how today’s highly successful entrepreneurs react to signs and symptoms of stress. 

Writer Daphne Cohen examines perceived versus real successes, suggesting that we value the “bigger and more beautiful” moments in our lives.