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healthyU ”fosters health in the Yale community by providing a support network for those trying to improve health, stay healthy, or share insights about health. healthyU holds weekly workshops for health-promoting activities and health instruction.”


YMindful is a religiously unaffiliated student organization for collective meditation and mindfulness. YMindful students gather every Saturday in Jonathan Edwards College and take turns leading meditation. No prior experience is needed, and anyone is welcome to attend. 

Vita Bella!

Vita Bella! is an undergraduate-run magazine that celebrates and promotes positive living through photography, creative writing, fashion, journalism, and art. The magazine also hosts events that “aim to spread love, joy, and beauty in all forms to enrich the lives of students.”

Mind Matters

Mind Matters is a student organization that works to create an open dialogue about mental health in the community, particularly by hosting guest speakers, arranging study breaks, screening films, and circulating newsletters. Student members advocate for positive mental health at Yale, working with peer liaisons and the Yale College Council to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and to educate students about the resources available to them. 


InspireYale is the Yale chapter of InspireU. Through web-based and social projects, InspireYale works to “promote happiness and drive positive social change for Yale’s campus and the New Haven community.”


Flourish: An Undergraduate Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Human Flourishing is a joint effort between Psi Chi and the Yale Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Human Flourishing. Using both humanities and scientific research-based approaches to address the topics of happiness, human flourishing, and the good life, the journal serves as a forum for conversations on different aspects of human well-being. Flourish also hosts a speaker series with Yale professors whose work is related to human flourishing. 

Coalition for Mental Health & Wellbeing at Yale

The Coalition for Mental Health & Wellbeing is a union of student organizations committed to positive mental health and well-being at Yale. In open monthly meetings, Coalition members plan joint initiatives, such as Mental Health and Wellness Weekend, aimed at enhancing the well-being of the student body. The Coalition’s Steering Committee advocates for mental health and well-being at Yale, liaises with Yale health professionals and Yale administrators, and serves on the Yale College Mental Health & Counseling Advisory Committee. 

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